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Ms. Kitty - Animals

Photo Credit: Hillary Yost


Little Red Riding Hood - COSPLAY 

Photo Credit: Hillary Yost


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I need my friends to get hip to these guys, I don’t care about the judgment I’ll get. But I love these guys. ♥

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You have your ways.

You’ve always had your own little way haven’t you?

Your way of sneaking into people’s hearts & minds; 

Your way of making yourself seem like the hero.

When actually this whole time you’ve been the villian; 

The one making things hard, making things worse.

Why can’t you just do the right thing?

It’s always been so hard for you, doing the right thing.

Trying to make things right for yourself & others.

And I never understood why. It cannot be that hard.

These choices don’t only affect you;

They affect everyone else around you.

Do you wanna know something?

You are so childish I can’t even comprehend it.

Yes life has thrown some difficult things your way;

But it is not hard to do the right thing. 

You have been raise right from wrong.

School has taught you right from wrong.

Why hasn’t it hit you yet?

You said baby don’t worry you mean more than the world, guess the world is worthless cause I don’t mean a thing to her. ♥

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I still get those stupid butterflies. But it’s just what you do, I love everything you do. ♥

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My song for David & I. ♥ (Well, one of many. First one I picked.)

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So beautiful, yet so sad. I will always love this song. ♥

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Still one of my favorite songs ever. ♥

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I need to find the actually version of this song, I love it so much! ♥

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Tell me why I see you & I just can’t breathe? ♥

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